Hello! ☺

Self proclaimed "Jack of all trades, master of some," Andie (they/them) is currently working as a graphic designer in film and television, but they're always open to work on anything you want to collaborate on! They're passionate about helping others bring their stories and brands to life. 

When they're not designing they like to play video games on their switch, crochet, see live music, watch movies, eat fresh fruit, and hang with their cat Tuna.

Some past clients include: Blumhouse, HBO, Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew.

Services and skills include but are not limited to:
✦ Branding
✧ Visual Identity
✦ Advertising
✧ Packaging
✦ Print
✧ Digital
✦ Illustration
✧ Editorial
✦ Motion Graphics
✦ E-Commerce
✧ Image Editing/Retouching

Don't hesititate, contact me now: hello@andie.design ✉

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